Sample Letter of Support


Board of Prison Terms
State of California
1515 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Honorable Chairperson:

I am writing in support of the release of Inmate Romaine Fitzgerald, B27527, who may be scheduled within the next two to three months for a parole hearing. Mr. Fitzgerald is currently incarcerated at the California State Prison in Lancaster, California.

Since 1972, Mr. Fitzgerald has been serving a life sentence, with possibility of parole. This means that by California law, Mr. Fitzgerald should have long ago been given a release date. In the 48 years Mr. Fitzgerald has been in prison, Mr. Fitzgerald’s prison records reflect that he has been and continues to be a model prisoner who has never been involved in any acts of violence or of a criminal nature. In fact, Mr. Fitzgerald has participated in a number of rehabilitation activities, including individual and group counseling. He has a record of diligence and commitment in these activities.

While in a previous prison, Mr. Fitzgerald suffered a massive stroke, which has left him significantly disabled. He has also had back surgery for a degenerative spinal condition.

Mr. Fitzgerald has received the support of leaders of his community of Compton, California to include City Attorney LeGrand Clegg and Compton City Councilwoman Barbara Calhoun. He has also received support from his U.S. Representative Maxine Waters and from the Monterey Peninsula Branch of the NAACP, which accepted Mr. Fitzgerald as a member in 1999 when he was incarcerated at Salinas Valley State Prison. Mr. Fitzgerald remains a member of that NAACP branch and is part of the adult advisory team to that NAACP branch’s Youth Council, whose members see Mr. Fitzgerald as a mentor and adviser. He regularly writes them and gives them advise about how to be positive role models for other youth in the community.

Mr. Fitzgerald’s incarceration has far exceeded the maximum amount of time he should have served given his sentence. As a result, I ask that Mr. Fitzgerald, in accordance with state law, be released to return to a vast, diverse, well-resourced and supportive community that will assist him with education and employment and a family that will provide him with love, protection and guidance and a smooth entry back into society.

I thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.



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